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John Baez, it all starts Here ... Maths for you... Much more than Fractals



         Former Bolivian Climate Negotiator Pablo Solón


               The World Wide Library Directory ... What would you like to know?        


Earth is pretty much our Home ... Please treat our Planet Kindly    


What exactly do NUNS Do ....


        Know Earth .....  World Watch Here ...         Nomi Prins ... Nomi is Timely ... A Power Economics Person Been There


  Discussions based upon Systems Process, Define Reality First             Leo Apostel Center Direct .... Significant Research and Discussions


                     After 2000 years of Resource Extraction


Facing the Future, The Conversation continues Here, The Value and success of Restoring our Earth's Ecosystems   


John Lu, Doing the Work everyday, Facing the Future, See video of the Value and success of Restoring our Earth's Ecosystems


More Lynn Margolis a Wonder in the Study of Life on Earth      Lynn Margulis, Life is Symbiosis and you are a Symbiont, One of our greatest Minds, research and Depth of Vision


International Forum on Globalization ... this is what it looks like  


Johan at the Leading Edge of Peace Practice for 60 years, University of Global Peace and Facilitation Processes                       




One Intelligent, Strong and Compassionate Woman Standing for our Future         A Leader with Vision for the Future ... One With  




Transportation Future ... Everything you wanted to know about the new vehicles


Purdue presents LOTS of Information on New Methods and Crop Activities             


David .... A Hero, A Statesman, A Teacher, A Philosopher, A Brother of Reason and Action in our World                  


Pepe Escobar, One International Journalist ... Very well informed       New Statesman, International view of Global Topics of Concern






Rodale Institute is growing the organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education  




The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History...Wow!


        Access a database to Exquisite Japanese Gardens Worldwide


It is what we are made of that counts...      The Whitehead Project


Rob Shetterly, Portraits and Stories of Americans That Tell The Truth    Aldous Huxley the Definitive Address delivered in the early 1970's at Berkeley - those pesky thoughtful Folk...


Cassandra said This needs to be in your Head               Significant Events of a Siesmic Nature in the Northwest of North America                


                  The old Treaty Agreements need to be revisited for appropriatness


        One of the Best Northwwest North American Online Boating Resouces Ever


 Northwest Coast Boat Travel Online .... Where to go and HOW One of the Best Northwwest North American Online Boating Resources Ever             


Annals of Hot Air... What some Smart Folk are doing, Very Silly Stuff


                       RAIN began publication in 1974, as a networking tool among community groups in Portland       Paradox sounds like Fun ... True but not Really ... Well Sometimes


WOW .... Amazing, View the Best Video of Solar Power over the last five years                            


      A good discussion regarding our Life here .... Really.          The Archdruid J. Michael Greer .... What's that about?




Hubble Observatory, your Eye in the Sky             Gutenberg Project the best and most delicious downloadable Books of all Time for Book Lovers, Appreciators and Writers                 


                       Architecture for your Mind and Backyard


                                               As Life is today, Podcasts with a thoughtful Direct approach


 Best "Hotel" view whichever season you choose to visit NorthWest Norway      



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