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Artas Usuwil Designers in NorthWest Washington, USA


Gerd and Rolf are a husband and wife design team, creating casual elegant jewelry in the Pacific Northwest of America for over 42 years. Gerd was born in Seattle's Sister Rain City, Bergen, Norway and moved to Seattle in the 1950's. Rolf's Family originated in Flanders. In the 1500's Claus the Elder sailed to Mykleburg Germany and on to Bergen, Norway. Rolf's branch of the Norwegian Family Tree moved to Canada from Bergen in the 1930's and to Washington State during the 1950's.

Both Families moved to this rainy Pacific Northwest many years ago and felt quite at home with it's natural rugged beauty, it's proximity to the sea and temperate clime. Washington State's fantastic natural beauty combined with a deep sense of appreciation of their Norwegian heritage provide inspiration for Gerd and Rolf. They produce jewelry designs with a motif based upon Water, Waves, Trees, Creatures and the Northwest Weather we all share, in NorthWest Washington, USA.

Gerd and Rolf's jewelry designs are contemporary examples of the Norwegian influence in North American Art Jewelry. Gerd's earrings have been featured at many fine gift shops and Galleries such as the Nordic Heritage Museum Gift Shop in Seattle, Russell's at Orcas Landing and Roche Harbor Gifts on San Juan Island in NorthWest Washington. Rolf's work has been shown at the Artworks Gallery in Olga, Russell's at Orcas Landing , The Pike Place Public Market in Seattle and Forest Gems Gallery in Port Townsend, NorthWest Washington, USA.




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