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            Your tax dollars keepin' US safe .... comments by Pepe Escobar       

NorthWest Coast of Norway, One of the Earth's best Hotels       The Netherlands Museum Server Worldwide Resources              

          Links in a very comprehensive Database regarding the Understanding of this Universe from a Wide perspective.....          

  The Dragon's friend ....... High Energy Particle Physics too...             

To educate the public about an economics that supports both people and the planet           Virtual Amsterdam Tour ..... you will enjoy this Trip.....


            BIG KNOWLEDGE Check the Processes of International Trade and the Laws we will be subject to are ALL in our Trade Agreements and Treaties.


Sir James Goldsmith your kind of Capitalist ...


Umea University Sweden  ... very exciting Research here ...       The Norway Tours .... This is what Norway looks like...


Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist      




Vulcan West Coast of North America Berkeley Labs                      


     Grace Lee Boggs ... A Wonder to be Heard and Understood, done well with Amy


               David Suzuki is Right Neoliberal Economics Are ‘Pretend Science’  


                          CELDF HEDGES Rights of Nature Journey Reflections


                        Derrick Jensen Here for The Best Conversations regarding EcoSystems


What IS ON MY FOOD                     





                                Lynn Margulis - Where we come from and how we got here




                Our Sammi Heritage


Remarkable true story - Man and Wolf Society                     


Prime Conversations, PodCasts always available regarding Current Topics of Significance              


                    Satish Kumar at TEDxWhitechapel - Education With Hands, Hearts and Heads




                    Aldous Huxley           Ugo Bardi -  Overpopulation Problem? What Overpopulation Problem?




                          In 1976 the economist Fritz Schumacher spoke at Findhorn in Northern Scotland in an address as relevant today as it was then.

NO MORE WAR                    

              What cost the Destroyer






 Martin has Lived the Path and Returned as a Teacher in Life          Naomi has been the Messenger for the last decade ... written of the Causes knowing the Solutions              


 The Way ...... Yes The Way  .....Lau Tsu             Martin Luther King said it .... Time to Stop Killing People, Get Creative and Love One Another -  Stop the Wars, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" 1967   




 Tom Engelhardt - paraphrased - What is now happening to these PEOPLE and Cities and Countries will be the Worlds loss          


Former US Intelligence Officers RAY MCGOVERN PLUS         Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges on America - the Failed State


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