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"The Continuing Saga


the Orcas Ferry Landing"


Due to a recent unfortunate accident

The Elwah kissed the Dock a bit roughly and...




AU Iclipse Graphic "Orcas Landing 1"   Copyright 1999

AU Copyright 2000


                         As of Sep.28.1999 we are setting the Wing Walls (those Black Tubes

                                          on the Barge to the back left)



                         AU Iclipse Graphic "Orcas Landing 2"   Copyright 1999

                                                                                                                                 AU Copyright 2000


                                      We now have quite the view from Orcas Landing without the Ramp Tower...

                         kind of nice actually ... though not too convenient a commute


AU Iclipse Graphic "Orcas Landing 3"   Copyright 1999


This is state of repair late October

we now have a nice new

ramp tower....


                       AU Iclipse Graphic "Orcas Landing 4"   Copyright 1999


Well......   heck of a way to get a new Landing.


AU Iclipse Graphic "Orcas Landing 5"   Copyright 1999


There it is ...




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