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Small Is Beautiful Ernest F Schumacher



Dhar Jamail sez it well                             







It is the Economics Michael Hudson is the Economist                              



                          Naomi Klein "Even I'm bored of the Shock Doctrine, but this is a bit extreme"



          War has not changed - killing people and stealing their stuff is not a legitimate foreign policy 



What People should be aware of is found daily at this Site                                             



              To God ... Ours to Nourish ... not to own or destroy







Chris chats with Michael Hudson regarding the Current Economic  Situation                             




           Naomi Klein on How Myriad Crises Can Catalyze a Kind of Revolutionary Leap




Definitive short CONVERSATION on WHY we are MAKING PROGRESS                                  




          Hakai is Research Home for the Salish Sea, done well check their Site and enjoy their Works.




        Naomi Klein                     Dahr Jamail is also the author of the book, The End of Ice, forthcoming from The New Press. He lives and works in Washington State.



Winona speaks on the revolutionary potential of the Green New Deal, Ojibwe environmental leader and executive director of the group Honor the Earth. She lives and works on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.                        



Howard Zinn          




Well, let us get this together EH?                     



Seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.



                             This is what's happening in the Energy Sector ....




 Articles you may want to read - very thoughtful and concise                      



                            DON'T GIVE UP



three essays that sound alarms on the early days of the Trump administration                            



                                 Creating a Suspect Society: The Scary Side of the Technological Police State by John W. Whitehead / October 4th, 2018






Milton Mayer’s Interview with a Good German                    



                              This is the Warning Get it together Please




What People should be aware of is found daily at this Site                                             



                      Your Vote MAY NOT BE COUNTED BE SURE YOU ARE READY



    HAKAI HOME NEWS                  



                             This is what's happening in the Energy Sector ....



 The Tyee News of the Salish Sea/te     .c   



              War has not changed - killing people and stealing their stuff is not a legitimate foreign policy 




Some of the finest minds are writing for this Site                                         




                            David Suzuki is Right Neoliberal Economics Are ‘Pretend Science’



Definitive short CONVERSATION on WHY we are MAKING PROGRESS                                  




                               CELDF HEDGES Rights of Nature Journey Reflections




 Derrick Jensen Here for The Best Conversations regarding EcoSystems                                  









                                               Lynn Margulis - Where we come from and how we got here







   Our Sammi Heritage                              







Remarkable true story - Man and Wolf Society                                   






Prime Conversations, PodCasts always available regarding Current Topics of Significance                                   




                              Satish Kumar at TEDxWhitechapel - Education With Hands, Hearts and Heads






Ugo Bardi -  Overpopulation Problem? What Overpopulation Problem?               






Naomi Klein


Howard Zinn                  Extraenvironmentalist #91 we first speak with Satyajit Das about his new book The Age of Stagnation: Why Perpetual Growth is Unattainable never ending economic growth is NOT possible or desirable. In the second half of our show we speak with Michael Hudson about his book Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.



Milton Mayer’s Interview with a Good German




Ellen Brown                       Howard Zinn the Zinn Project



Aldous Huxley               






                                           In 1976 the economist Fritz Schumacher spoke at Findhorn in Northern Scotland in an address as relevant today as it was then.



All Change or No Change, What you can do about it

NO MORE WAR        

                           What cost the Destroyer






This is what's happening in the Energy Sector ....                                                              




 Professor of Ecologia in British Colombia sets the tone for our understanding of the Current State of Global Health.                  Learn about North Americas first Democracy Pre 1700's - Iroquois Confederacy, the Hau de no sau nee meaning People Building a Long House Located in the northeastern region of North America





 Martin has Lived the Path and Returned as a Teacher in Life                               Naomi has been the Messenger for the last decade ... written of the Causes knowing the Solutions       



             The Way ...... Yes The Way  .....Lau Tsu                                       Martin Luther King said it .... Time to Stop Killing People, Get Creative and Love One Another -  Stop the Wars, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" 1967






 Tom Engelhardt - paraphrased - What is now happening to these PEOPLE and Cities and Countries will be the Worlds loss                         Slavehood 2017, Social Chaos and Global Warfare so we have “Puppet Leaders’ and Greed for Power and Money”        





Former US Intelligence Officers RAY MCGOVERN PLUS                      Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges on America - the Failed State




Nicole Foss Interview A Simpler Way Crisis as Opportunity




To God ... Ours to Nourish ... not to own or destroy







Our Constitution is written for ALL People, not JUST CORPORATIIONS of a particular State                       Are we in The Dawn or The Twilight .... Your Choice          



Our Constitution is written for ALL People, not JUST Citizens of a particular State                  Democracy in Europe Members 25 .... Countries







              The Definitive Discussion regarding Ecosystem Dynamics                             THE BOOK THE TRANSITION FROM EARTH TO MACHINE   



       Peoples living sustainably within ecosystems for a long time know how to work with Life in a way that sustains rather than destroys. The Coastal First Nations of British Columbia have lived for millennia  – more than 13,000 years and Temperate Rainforest productivity has actually been enhanced, not hampered.




 Michael has already made positive differences in Iceland, Greece and other Nations around the Globe                        One of the finest and well written Internet Magazines, highest quality of Journalism and Writers on the Web                




We, as Humans, can no longer see the world around us as a set of isolated mechanical objects, but as a unified field of experiencing subjects.




                          News of the People for the People     





Let us Work with some Creative Solutions to our Situation                   





                            Naomi Klein Writing what to DO .....  'Shock Resistance'





The New Economics .... Make the Move to the Future with Kindness, Consideration and Compassion. A a new Economics .... The Process started a long time ago in Canada ... These Views are still valid.                             





           All Change or No Change, What you can do about it                             





                 The War has always been here .... Kent State was the Sign of What is to Come.. The Music carries the Story and the Lesson ...                                      




Great Mind and funny too                   If This Isn’t Nice, What Is? Kurt Vonnegut’s Advice to the Young on Kindness, Computers, Community, and the Power of Great Teachers          








             NeoLiberalConnns for FREE TRADE and AUSTERITY ... For All ... Huh?




 The End of Normal James Galbraith                                                              




                                                           In this post-truth era, when the splashy surreal stands in for the real, it pays to be extremely vigilant about where our attention gets focused.











  News for those who would like to know what is Goin' On .... one of the best on the Web                                            




                            Fritjof Capra teaches at Schumacher College Sybmbiosis and Systems Process in Life



  Fritjof Capra and the Dharmic Worldview Aravindan Neelakandan                             




                         Norm has seen Fact we need to make the appropriate changes in how the Public is treated by the "Police".




                                              Major General Smedley Butler     




 Winona ... in Action at Oregon State Recently ... A Hero in our Work                                       




 Corbett gets to the Information you need to decide your Future




                           Yanis proposes Democracy in the European Union 




Thanks Leo and Chris                              Rob Shetterly, Portraits and Stories of Americans That Tell The Truth          




                          Michael Hudson on Definitions of Economics ... Important for Understanding What's UP.





Dahr Jamail the Historic Articles Archive                                                   



                 We were given the Garden let us take care lest we lose it ....




 The nee for Greed at the expense of anyone else Please Understand WHY We are in this Condition                        



                                             Are you sure this is what you want?



Who exactly is the Winner here?                                                  




      Sir James Goldsmith 1994 warning of the consequences of Corporate Global Trade Agreements 



World Discussions and Solutions if you ever wondered where the Convesation is found Internationally ... In Rhodes                                     So ... time to unplug the Vampire Squids, how and what are your Wall Street Bankers doin' for Ya                          




Akashic Field and Consciousness by David Storoy




              Helen is the Most informed Nuclear Scientist regarding Nuclear Power, its effects upon Earth and its Inhabitants                                                              


Helen is the most Informed Person regarding Nuclear Energy on this Planet ... and it is getting very small         



                            Liliuokalani was a great Lady and a truly amazing Queen ... Be Peace



 Food, Farming Sustainability, what WE need to know                             



                   Bern has a Chat with Sarah Silverman very Direct ....





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