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GAIA REWILD AND RESEED                 




Iain McGilchrist - The Divided Brain and the Search for Meaning


                  Journalists written for Contemporary Well Informed Humans              


Some of the finest minds are writing for this Site


                               Milton Mayer’s Interview with a Good German


 This is the Warning Get it together Please                                



                       Transcend - The International Peace University on Economics 


      Your Vote MAY NOT BE COUNTED BE SURE YOU ARE READY            Naomi Klein Author of The Shock Doctrine - Still, one of the Most important Books written in this Century.           



VERY CONTROVERSIAL PODCAST- You Decide - The United States was a Business Venture from Inception                        





     The Whitehead Project             Winona speaks on the revolutionary potential of the Green New Deal, Ojibwe environmental leader and executive director of the group Honor the Earth. She lives and works on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.


                    Lynn Mrgolis          



Definitive short CONVERSATION on WHY we are MAKING PROGRESS           



 We are seeds of Life and Martin has the Story of the Seed                Professor Ugo Bardi on the Story of Rise and Fall of Systems                   



                      Matter is a Relative Matter with Iain McGilchrist - Iain McGilchrist talks to Matt Shaw about how our divided brain, the left and right hemispheres, shape our perceptions and how this can separate us from the natural world. Can we find our way back?



Jim Page Pike Place Public Market, Brother of the Community              


 Learn about North Americas first Democracy Pre 1700's - Iroquois Confederacy, the Hau de no sau nee meaning People Building a Long House Located in the northeastern region of North America                     DON'T GIVE UP


   Naomi Klein on How Myriad Crises Can Catalyze a Kind of Revolutionary Leap                          


             Life and Decency for ALL People, not JUST Citizens of a particular State           Democracy in Europe Members 25 .... Countries


Howard Zinn                 Slavehood 2017, Social Chaos and Global Warfare so we have “Puppet Leaders’ and Greed for Power and Money”   



                      So, we have a debit problem - anyone that wishes to know what that means in physical CASH - WATCH THIS - only 20+ Trillion - GASP.                To God ... Ours to Nourish ... not to own or destroy


 David Swanson Pod Archives LETS TRY DEMOCRACY FOR A CHANGE                 The original Author - Original Thought - Small Is Beautiful Ernest F Schumacher


    Smedley Butler - American Hero. War IS a Racket and has not changed - killing people and stealing their stuff is not a legitimate foreign policy               


 Vandana Shiva - Physicist Probably the MOST highly recommended conversation of Logic and Reason for STOPPING MONSANTO at this moment in Time.                                


                                   This is what EVERY Person can DO - Inform yourself and DO!


Michael Hudson and Ellen Brown "It's a war" Hudson makes no bones about the deadly serious game being played by the world’s financial powers and their intention to create a new feudal economic order.                                              


                                     Martin Luther King said it .... War has no Place in Time. Time to Stop Killing People, Get Creative and Love One Another -  Stop the Wars, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" 1967


Latest Research a Scientific Journal available to the Public                               


                             Naomi Klein - discussion with Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power."


Steve - Wise Counsel and his Decades of Published Archive to be savored Economic UnderTow                               


                       Naomi Klein AGAIN - one of the finest Contemporary Minds.           What People should be aware of daily at this Site


 Waste NOT the Garden you have been given. Marlon Brando - Interview June 12, 1973 Koyaanisqatsi  



                                  Dhar Jamail sez it well from Truthout - daily Articles of Note.


 Show Me the Way to the Next War Game


Contemporary "Economics" Michael Hudson DEFINES the Economy.                                          


            Chris chats with Michael Hudson regarding the Current Economic - Situation


                               Hakai is Research of the Salish Sea done well, enjoy their Works.


                      Dahr Jamail is Author and Researcher IN the Environment, lives in Washington State, visits The World.


Let us get this together EH?                    


                                This is what's happening in the Energy Sector ....


  Positive, Useful thoughtful and concise - Action Oriented  


Essays - alarms in/of the early days of the Trump administration                           


              Creating a Suspect Society: The Scary Side of the Technological Police State by John W. Whitehead / October 4th, 2018


  HAKAI West Coast Research - It's your Sea Too.            Lynn Margulis, Life is Symbiosis and you are a Symbiont, One of our greatest Minds, research and Depth of Vision                     


 THE TYEE - Best News WRITING of the Salish Sea/  



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