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                                          Thoughts of Direct Historic Actions by some of Civilizations Current Heroes in our World


  Yanis Varoufakis, One Person, capable, informed and a Great Spokesperson for the People                                         



BIONEERS Confering



    News for those who would like to know what is Goin' On .... one of the best on the Web                  Michael has already made positive differences in Iceland, Greece and other Nations around the Globe  



      Ken has provided us with a very important Archive of Conversations with some of the great Folk of this era ...                         Very fine work well done Encyclopedia for serious Students of Life Systems





Lori Wallach regarding TPP Activities Now!                          SINGING FROGS FARM FOLK ARE EXEMPLARY FOR SUSTAINABLE FARMING, FANTASTIC PRODUCTIVITY OF FOOD AND nearly tripling the total microbial life in our soils.



    Johan Galtung who is this Man ?                           For the People ... and THE People ... Thank you Rachel Corrie



              Aldous Huxley the Definitive Address delivered in the early 1970's at Berkeley - those pesky thoughtful Folk...



                 Martin Luther King LAST SPEECH 1968                     Kumi Naidoo, Brother Looking to the Long View and doing it Well



Remember Cassandra ... Voice of the Future not believed ... Spoke of the Truth                              Kurt .... One of the best writers of the 20th Century         



                Let us just start with Facts and go with that ....                    Ecotrust Portfolio of Projects



Dorothy Lived the Word Daily                  News from One that was There and Still is Conversant                            



         These are Common Dreams of the Human Race Daily Works                Another very thoughtful Person we can learn With



        What IS ON MY FOOD                 



Chimera Blog ... Ugo Bardi lets Folk know What's Happening Now                 



                                    Hellas Talks Greece Parliamentary Committee: Preliminary Findings on Greece’s Public Debt                 



The Bern Tellin' It                                             






George Monbiot explores the consequences if we continue abusing the Earth, and suggests solutions for building a better future.                         Paul Stamets has recently achieved remarkable results cleaning up dangerous toxins using “fungal bioremediation” and radically improving soil fertility with mushrooms.     



                           Naomi Klein Video, See Naomi Speak to Issues that are Paramount to US ALL                    The Pope formally responds to the Duties and Responsibilities of Christians in this World  



  Into our World's Future, The People respond to Naomi and the latest Gatherings                               The Most Important Book of 2015, into our World's Future   



The Most Important Book to Read FIRST IF One is to Understand WHY We are in this Condition                  Naomi Klein with Katharine Viner Talk 29 April 2015



Johan Galtung at Rhodes Forum .... A Most Clear and Concise Address to the Worlds Forum



Sibel was THERE and is Telling THE Story of What and Why it is Happening to US ALL                    Martin Luther King LAST SPEECH 1968            



                   Winona ... in Action  ... A Hero in our World



                A Conversation with Michael Hudson One of the most thoughtful Economists in the World                Purdue presents LOTS of Information on New Methods and Crop Activities



             Don regarding Systems Thought, Some of the Best Writing of the Big Picture                       Just Follow the Money                    



                             Again the Nuns have the Right Ideas for this World, Go Fellow Sisters Go       








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