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All about the Dirtiest Trade Deal you possibly never heard of                                                         



                              The Netherlands Museum Server Worldwide Resources



                     Links in a very comprehensive Database regarding the Understanding of this Universe from a Wide perspective.....                                                

Books and Puzzles for the Gamers out there Sciences that expand our view of the Universe




 The Dragon's friend ....... High Energy Particle Physics too...                                                  



       Virtual Amsterdam Tour ..... you will enjoy this Trip.....



To educate the public about an economics that supports both people and the planet                                   



 Noam Chomsky Blog on Reason, Philosophy and Action, A Global Perspective                                  The Norway Tours .... This is what Norway looks like...           



                          Our Solar System from a different view... Current view of Sol                             Umea University Sweden  ... very exciting Research here ...



We ALL need a Plan Bee                                               

                                                                                    Science and the Big Questions with Discussion     


 Grace Lee Boggs ... A Wonder to be Heard and Understood, done well with Amy            



                    RAIN began publication in 1974, as a networking tool among community groups in Portland                                                West Coast of Norway, Sognefjord Links .... Fjords and History                                      



WOW .... Amazing, View the Best Video of Solar Power over the last five years                       

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                   A good discussion regarding our Life here .... Really.                              The Archdruid J. Michael Greer .... What's that about?   



Thoughtful Podcasts, analysis of our existing Ecology and Reality




Hubble Observatory, your Eye in the Sky                                   Gutenberg Project the best and most delicious downloadable Books of all Time for Book Lovers, Appreciators and Writers       




           Architecture for your Mind and Backyard                                




                 Wendle Berry and Friends living the Philosopy close to the Land Sustainable Food Systems with Heart




As Life is today, Podcasts with a thoughtful Direct approach                                                         





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